Shawn  Denver, CO  (Cyclist)

With all the success I’ve had with your product I would use anything with the Maxim logo:)


Doug  Highlands Ranch, CO (Masters Cyclist- GR Capital Race Team)

I have been racing with muscle cramps and fatigue for 25+ years and have tried every new and old nutrition product and electrolyte product (your know all the names) and nothing every helped so you know I was skeptical when I heard about Maxim.  I can honestly say after racing at intensity and training long for over 1 year that all my cramps and fatigue have gone away while sticking with the one bottle per hour of the hypotonic sports drink.  I don’t want to say it has changed my life but it has changed my life.  Thank you.  Everyone at all levels should be using Maxim in my opinion.


Shannon  Naples, FL  (Triathlete)

Good day, I purchased the sports drink the night before my Olympic triathlon at HITS Naples. The gentleman selling it was super knowledgeable and helpful. I explained to him that I was diagnosed with Adult Onset GSD V. I have been suffering trying to find a drink that would keep my muscles from  getting so bad during training and racing. I tried xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, you name it. I purchased the lemon-lime and used it the night before. I made two bottles for the race. This is the 1st time in almost a year that I did not come off the bike crying from pain and still feeling like I could pull off the run. I would love to get more and try your other products.  I’m brought to happy tears as I write this.   I will not use another products and will introduce this to my triathlon club.


Dan  Phoenix, AZ (Ultra Distance Runner)

I just wanted to let you know that I have found your products to exceptional!

A friend turned me on to your Maxim line mast year.  I have been using them for all competitive running events. I have been competing in Marathons and Ultra Trails races last year and with the help of your products I not only survived but I feel that they helped me be competitive and achieve my personal goals.   As I have aged I have found that I need a little extra kick to keep moving and your products provide me the additional energy help that I need.  Thank you!   Dan


Randy H Tampa, FL  (Open Water Swimmer)

Love your product! Ron C. from Distance Matters turned me on to Maxim, and I love it!  Thanks!


Dr. Ho  Denver, CO (Age Group Triathlete)

AFTER IRONMAN ARIZONA: ” Your Total Hydration Tabs helped me a lot!  Thank you for such a safe scientific natural and certified product” (designed with American College of Sports Medicine and International Olympic Committee Medical and Science).


Bill, Arvada, CO (Age Group Triathlete)

AFTER IRONMAN BOULDER: ” I had a great Nutrition Race and I had my best ever Ironman Race using Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink.  THANK YOU MAXIM!!”.


Patty, Colorado Springs, CO (Age Group Triathlete)

” My friend and I had a chance to meet the reps at the Hits Lake Havasu tri this weekend.  My friend was doing her first Olympic distance and I was doing the first Olympic distance I have done in many years.  They suggested we try their Hypotonic Sports Drink product during the race so we both did and we both had really good races.  Felt good all the way through.  She took 3rd in her age group and I took 2nd in mind.  We caught up with the Maxim reps after we were done racing to let them know how we’d done and they let us try some of the recovery drink and we both really like that as well.  As a matter of fact we took a 5 mile hike on Monday, not even an easy one.  We will definitely continue using Maxim.”


Tiffany, Helendale, CA (Open Water Marathon Swimmer)

“I first started using Maxim when I learned of it at the S.C.A.R Open Water Swim Marathon and it really worked.  I took it again after 2 of my 10 miles at the La Jolla 10 Mile Race and all cramps went away and I had energy through the finish.  I am really happy with Maxim and won’t use any other product hereafter”


Mike, Applewood, CO (Pro Cyclist and Olympian)

“Your Carbo Loader is truly the very first product I have ever found without ANY flavor, which is great to put in any pre-race or training morning food to ensure your Glycogen stores are at their maximum level.”


Dan, Peoria, AZ (Runner, CrossFit)

OK.  I bought some Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink.  I ran 5 miles.  This stuff is freaking amazing!!!!!!!


Craig, Alameda, CA (Swimmer)  I want to thank you for being at the SCAR swim this year.  On the second and third day of ultra marathon swimming, I swapped out the leading nutrition product I have used in the past for the Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!  It really helped with energy level AND attitude AND I never had any leg cramping.  I went back to my old market leading nutrition during that 4th swim at night, I cramped up horribly during the last 1.5 hours and felt crummy between bouts of cramping.  My experience allows me to easily conclude that the Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink is radically different and far more effective than other sports supplements out there.  Thank you for introducing me to this great product.


Gary, Vie 13 Kustom Apparel  (Australian legend/ track cyclist)

So pumped to be working with such an amazing company like Maxim. They have a long history of supporting the very top level hard working athletes to help improve honest performance and recovery.  I’m really excited.  We intend to let as many of our athletes and contacts know that the kings of sports nutrition have made it the the US shores!


Stephen, Phoenix, AZ  (Ultra Marathoner, Triathlete, Cyclist)

After his Trans Rockies 6 day stage run race:  “I just wanted to thank you Maxim. Your pre-race and recovery drink was great! I feel it really helped me with the back to back long mountain miles on my legs over the course of a week. My partner got altitude sickness but we still ended up taking second place. Onto the Mogollon Monster 100 Mile Endurance Race in 4 weeks so I will need some more Hypotonic Sports Drink” Thanks! Cheers!”


Jennifer, Denver, CO  (Ultra Marathoner)

I met you at the triathlon in Aurora with my friend Alexis.  We bought a tin of Hypotonic Sports Drink and I told you I would let you know what I thought about it after my Kite Lake race.  The race was a little odd in that I hardly ate anything because it was so windy and cold I could hardly take my face out of my balaclava and zip up jacket. However I had my Camelback filled with your sports drink and I ran 16 miles, about 8,000 feet of vert, just off the sports drink and a few gummies.  My stomach did not get upset at all and I think the fact that I was able to run the race mostly just off the sports drink say a lot.


Roger B  Centennial, CO (Father)

Thank you very much.
We were introduced to your product a few weeks ago by Voni, one of my daughters swim coaches, and the first meet my daughter tried it, she dropped time on every event and seemed to just have more energy.  She normally won’t eat in the mornings before meets, so this is great for her.


Tom, CEO- HITS Triathlon Series (after finishing his Ironman distance at HITS Palm Springs)

I used Maxim and I was fresher than I have ever been…..I don’t know how you beat that!


Mark, Oceanside, CA (Triathlete)

I tried Maxim for the first time at the Olympic distance World Championships and it was  amazing.  I shaved 20 minutes off of my prior race.  I will definitely need Maxim at my next race in March 2105 at the IRONMAN 70.3 California Oceanside race.


Tom Hecker, La Jolla, CA  (Open Water Marathon Swimmer)

As a Half-Century swimmer I have completed the English Channel, Gibraltar Straits, Catalina Channel and Cook Straits.  I used Maxim as my nutrition feeds until 2009 after then it was to difficult to find from overseas.  Now that it is available I will purchase it for my three swims remaining in my Oceans Seven swims quest.


Kevin, Port Charlotte, FL (Runner)

From a novices perspective but avid runner who races I must honest say that I have never experienced any product quick as good a Maxim.  I am very very impressed in my performance from the 1st time I tried the Hydration tabs. The product provided me with pure sustained energy and kept me well hydrated even in the Florida heat.  My runs are consistently strong now with no more peaks and valleys.


Brent, San Diego, CA  (Ultra Marathoner, Ironman Triathlete)

15 years ago whilst racing Ironman in Europe, I swore by Maxim products and now that I’m racing Ultra marathons I’m happy to see that Maxim is still going strong. I would desperately like to get hold of your products. Do you have any retailers that you could recommend?


Laura, Pocono Pines, PA (Pro Cyclist, USA Cycling National Champion, the winningest North America female road cyclist of all time)

winningest North American female road cyclist of all time, with more than 300 career wins – See more at: http://www.pactimo.com/custom-apparel/road-lab/mellow-mushroom-laura-van-gilder/#sthash.lcIHuHlZ.dpuf)

I have been training with the Tropical Hypotonic Sport Drink mix.  I love the flavor. Maxim Sports Nutrition product are The Best products that have been developed for training and racing.


John, Lake Havasu, AZ  (Triathlete)

“Great having experts share experiences & product usage:) very personable and knowledgeable. Thank you for being at the Hits Lake Havasu Tri!”


Tom, United Kingdom (Open Water Swimmer)

I swear by your product and it has been instrumental in my marathon swimming (inc Channel) ventures!


David D, Parker, CO (CrossFit Athlete and Cyclist)

Wow.  There is nothing better for short or long workouts than Maxim.  I have been told by so many other nutrition companies how there products will work.  Maxim is the ONLY ONE which truly does work.  The flavors are great and in high heat the fuel goes does perfectly.  I will never use another product,  intense CrossFit workouts demand the Hydration Tabs and my long workouts are excellent now that I use Hypotonic Sports Drink.  Finally, true sports nutrition.  I now know why so many world champions use Maxim- nothing compares.


Roch, Encinitas, CA (Triathlete)

I have tried all the different MAXIM products and am impressed.  They sat well in my gut and gave good energy during workouts long and hard.


Dr. Roland, Mesa, AZ (Triathlete)

Maxim is great!!  Great race, great products, I am currently using Carbo Loader and loving it.


John, Bicycle Ranch  Scottsdale, AZ (Cyclist)

Maxim electrolyte Hydration Tabs are moving like hot cakes!


Susan, Centennial, CO (Swimmer)

“Love Maxim!!”


R. Jenks, (Cyclist)

There is no disappointment in this product…use it every time in training.


Jeremy, Scottsdale, AZ (Elite Marathoner)

Maxim is the first product I have seen with all the right vitamins,  all the right percentages of the vitamins with the quality certifications for consistency, safety and quality. Thank you Maxim.


Sean, St. Raphael, CA (Cyclist, Triathlete)

The Maxim Hydration Tabs are the first I have ever used with Great Taste and the perfect electrolyte balance- no junk , simply clean and works the best.


Lewis, Flagstaff, AZ (Mountain Biker)

I used the Maxim Carbo Loader and Hypotonic at the Barn Burner Flagstaff Race, and both are good!  I had no Gi issues and I had great energy throughout the race.  I typically slow on my last lap at Barn Burner, but not with the Maxim products.  I was the only racer who held pace on the 5th lap and, even decreased my last lap time versus prior year by over 5 minutes.  I am sold!


Team Camel, Punta Gorda, FL (Ironman Triathletes, Cyclists, Marathoners)

We have tried every product know in the market having raced internationally for over 25 years. There is no better product which gives us the highest level of continuous energy with great taste.   No more Gi issues, nausea, vomiting or bonking.  The European grade- non GMO, gluten free and maltodextrin/vitamins are in our opinion the best in sports nutrition.


Alvin, Lakewood, CO (Cyclist)

I’ve been using both on rides under 2 hours and haven’t really needed to eat.  It’s been working well with no GI issues.  Pretty stoked on it.


Margo, Denver, CO  (Runner, Ironman – Triathlete)

I just finished my first Ironman and thrived on Maxim and baby food and beat my goal by 2 hours! I used the carb loader in the morning and the drink throughout the race, never had a stomach ache, didn’t have electrolyte issues and finished strong…negative split on marathon! Maxim is awesome!


Karen, Lincoln, MA (Ironman World Champion, ITU World Champion)

I really liked the taste and it seemed to work well for me.


Steve, Kansas City, KS  (Triathlete)

Been using the powder and have had GREAT training sessions! I feel like I have the inside scoop on you elite athletes.  Following the every :15 to :20 minute hydration is key. Went for a 16 miler this past weekend and had no issues. Moreover, I didn’t feel like total crap the rest of the day. Thanks for the tabs and the water bottle!


Mandy, Houston, TX (Pro Cyclist)

I cannot believe how amazing the Hypotonic Sports drink performs.  It is truly the sustained energy I have been searching for.  What is really great is that even in high heat the nutrition goes down and stays down as easy as water.  Maxim is great!


Jack,  Lake Tahoe, CA (Open Water Swimmer)

Raced the Lake Tahoe 3 person relay on Maxim Hypotonic.  All three of our team loved it.  It was like rocket fuel.  Thank you for coming to the USA!


Jan Jorgensen,  Denmark (Triathlete)

I have used Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink as long as I can remember. It has the optimal mix of fast and slow carbs which keeps me going for hours. I NEVER go for a ride without a bottle of Sports Drink.


Jim, Zionsville, IN (Marathon Swimmer)

Heading to Molokai Channel and I have my Maxim!  Posted after the swim: “14hours and42 minutes across Molokai.  Couldn’t have  done it without maxim”


Dave T, Arvada, CO (Triathlete, Cyclist)

I have used Maxim on both my moderate and high intensity workouts and on both occasions not only did I never feel depleted or hungry, but I was able to maintain constant power and effort.  My workouts are now positive and I feel like I have energy do always do more work.  I am impressed with the product for performance, nutritional value and digestibility.