Nutrition before training/racing

How to use Maxim Sports Nutrition 2-3 hours before training or racing



Note:Maxim Sports Nutrition products do not contain ingredients which are on the doping list.  Maxim Sports Nutrition products are gluten-free.


Research has shown that a high-carbohydrate meal should be taken 2-3 hours before training or racing. This improves performance by maintaining blood glucose levels in the latter stages of training or racing to sustain energy levels. Ideally, on the morning of training or competition, the glycogen stores in your muscles should be virtually full, so the purpose of the pre-exercise meal is to:

  • top up the muscle glycogen stores if they are not already full;
  • replenish liver glycogen to prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which could adversely affect your performance in the latter stages of competition; and
  • settle your stomach and prevent feelings of hunger.


What to eat

Bread, potatoes, pasta, fruit and vegetables are examples of carbohydrate-rich foods low in fat and fiber to form the basis of the best meal before training or racing. Bulky, fiber-rich foods such as raw vegetables or high-bran cereals are best avoided just before training or competition. Fiber attracts water from the blood and can cause stomach discomfort during exercise. It is also important to drink plenty of fluids prior to training or racing.  


Meal suggestions before training or racing

  • 1 bowl of oatmeal, 1 cup of low fat yogurt, and 1 banana; or
  • 5-6 large tablespoons of a pasta dish (tomato sauce with lean meat or fish and vegetables); or
  • peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, 1 glass of orange juice; or
  • fruit smoothie (skim milk with fresh fruit and juice)

To enhance the amount of carbohydrates, add 2-4 scoops of Maxim Carbo Loader to your meal. Make sure you start exercise well hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids before and during training and racing.


Which Maxim Sports Nutrition products can I use before training or racing?

Maxim Sports Nutrition has used the latest scientific research to develop Maxim Carbo Loader which is designed specifically for consumption before training or racing.   Maxim Carbo Loader is a neutral-flavored powder that contains high quality carbohydrates (maltodextrin). This will increase the carbohydrate level significantly without adding bulk. It is an ideal product to add to warm and cold (non-carbonated) drinks. Add Maxim Carbo Loader to water, milk, juice, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc. Due to its neutral taste it can also be mixed with foods such as cereals, oatmeal, pasta sauce, etc.


What if I train or race early in the morning?

Some athletes, like swimmers, have to exercise early in the morning. For them it is not easy to eat 2-3 hours before exercise. Most athletes do not want to eat just before practice, so they skip breakfast, which lowers energy stores. This usually causes a decrease in performance. There is a way to eat breakfast without getting up in the middle of the night. Just opt for a high carbohydrate snack before exercise and then eat a proper breakfast after exercise.   Some suggestions for a high carbohydrate snack before training or racing:

  • Small bowl of cereal with skimmed milk; or
  • Banana with 1 tablespoon peanut butter; or
  • Two pieces of toast with juice; or
  • Bagel with a small amount of cream cheese; or
  • 16-24 ounces Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink

Eat a proper breakfast after exercise, preferably within 30 minutes for a faster recovery process.  


How do I enhance glycogen stores in the days prior to racing or competition?

You can enhance your glycogen store by changing to a 70% carbohydrate diet, 3 days before your race or competition, and lowering training intensity. This way your glycogen store can almost be doubled. You still have to replenish carbohydrates during exercise longer than 90 minutes.