Nutrition after training/racing

How to use Maxim Sports Nutrition during training or racing



Note:Maxim Sports Nutrition products do not contain ingredients which are on the doping list.  Maxim Sports Nutrition products are gluten-free.


During exercise, it is important to refuel your glycogen stores and replenish your fluid losses. A decrease in one and/or the other leads to a diminished performance.


Fluid during exercise

During training or racing, it is important to drink fluids at regular intervals to prevent dehydration. Fluid losses as little as 2% of bodyweight can reduce your performance by up to 20%. During training or racing, consuming a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink will be advantageous to help maintain energy levels and replace fluid and mineral losses. Your goal should be to drink approximately 24-36 ounces per hour. It is important to drink before you are thirsty!


What to drink

Water does not have the performance benefits of sport drinks; it merely replenishes fluid, not carbohydrates and minerals. Sports drinks are formulated to be more effective than water when fluid, carbohydrate and electrolyte replacements are necessary. Sports drinks can be divided in three categories:


  • Hypotonic drink: 
Amounts of sugars and minerals are lower than in body fluids and, is therefore, most rapidly absorbed by the body.
  • Isotonic drink
: Amounts of sugars and minerals are equal to the amounts in body fluids, and is therefore rapidly absorbed by the body.
  • Hypertonic drink
: Amounts of sugars and minerals are higher than the amounts in body fluids and is adopted slower by the body than a hypotonic or isotonic drink. Hypertonic drinks (cola, juice) can cause gastro-intestinal problems.


Maxim Sports Nutrition has developed an optimal sports drink and total hydration tabs for use during training and racing. Maxim Total Hydration Tabs and Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink have been scientifically developed as fluid, mineral and energy replacement formulas for athletes.

  • Maxim Total Hydration Tabs are uniquely formulated for training and racing lasting up to 2 hours.
  • Maxim Hypotonic Sports Drink is uniquely formulated for training and racing lasting longer than 2 hours.

Both the tabs and sports drink contain the ideal amount of carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals to optimize your performance. They are hypotonic thirst quenchers.


Suggested solid foods during exercise

Other than using drinks, you can also use solid foods to replenish carbohydrate stores. Some suitable snacks are:

  • bananas; or
  • sandwiches; or
  • crackers with jam or honey; or
  • pureed fruit and vegetables (squeezable baby food);
  • rice cakes; or
  • energy bars or gels.