Maxim: The global expert in sports nutrition

Maxim Sports Nutrition is now available in the USA and the company is based in Golden, Colorado.  Today Maxim is one of the leading sports nutrition brands worldwide, with sales in more than 25 countries.  Maxim Sport Nutrition products are continually improved upon by its professional sports nutritionists,  athletes and medical experts team.


Maxim Sports Nutrition is known as the Original Sports Nutrition brand, and was first to develop the energy drink, Maxim Carbo Loader.  This Maxim energy drink broke onto the international scene when the medical team behind the professional British racing cyclist Chris Boardman started using Maxim.  That team developed the product further with the best outcome: A gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games for Chris Boardman who went on to break three world records, and collected the yellow jersey three times in the Tour de France.  Maxim’s Carbo Loader  is the recognized nutrition brand for channel swimmers, cyclists and triathletes around the globe.


Maxim Sports Nutrition is the first sports nutrition brand on the market and was founded by the British racing cyclist Steve Jennings.  Maxim is owned by the publicly traded Health-Supplement giant Orkla Group, established in 1654 with 35,000 employees and is one of Norway’s largest companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange.  Orkla Group, is an multi-national conglomerate which is known and respected in Europe and throughout the world for some of the best known brands within health and food supplements innovation and quality.


Fuel of Olympic Gold Medalists, World Champions, Tour de France Teams, Ironman Champions and World Record Holders around the world for over 25 Years. Now in the USA!


All Maxim Sports Nutrition USA products are in full compliance with the following national and international sports and athletic organizations for banned substances: NCAA Compliance, UCI (Union Cycliste Interantionale), International Olympic Committee.

Our Vision of ZERO HARM

Maxim has regular safety reviews at its factories and conducts ongoing product audits.

Maxim strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit our footprint on the environment all across the value chain.

Maxim is committed to healthy, long-term and sustainable business operations that reflect the responsibility it takes for employees, society and the environment.

Maxim follows Orkla Brands’ internal requirement for safe food production (OFSS) and international BRC (British Retail Consortium) Food Safety Standards.

Maxim Sports Nutrition USA is based in Golden, Colorado in order to be tested daily in the Colorado Rockies with its internal and external team of endurance athletes while maintaining centralized timely distribution for its USA customers.

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A Socially Responsible Brand

As the EXPERT in sports nutrition it’s important for us to set high standard – not only for our products but also in how our business effects the world around us.


Maxim follows the Codes of Conduct developed by and based on UN declarations, core ILO conventions, and UN Global Compact’s 10 principles for sustainable development.


Maxim is obligated to ALWAYS conduct business in a responsible manner, based on the duty to respect human and labor rights, protect health, safety and the environment, and in general, apply sound business practices.