40% PROTEIN BAR (20G PROTEIN / ONLY 1.4 g Sugar) European Chocolate Crispy Brownie Flavor

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40% PROTEIN BAR (20G PROTEIN / ONLY 1.4 g Sugar) European Chocolate Crispy Brownie Flavor

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Voted as one of the "Best Tasting Protein Bars" in Europe! Non GMO

With 20g of protein and only 9g of sugar, this 40% protein sports nutrition bar tastes more like a desert.

This product is a perfect means to take on extra calories and supplement your carbohydrate intake for longer distance races.

During training your muscles are working hard and when finished, your body’s glycogen reserves will have diminished considerably. To refill your reserves it is important to use carbohydrates after exercise.

When you combine your carbohydrate intake with proteins, the uptake in your muscles will be accelerated. This ensures a rapid recuperation in order to be ready for your next training. Other than helping carbohydrate absorption, proteins also help repair your muscle damage.

If you take a 40% Protein Bar immediately after exercise the nutrients are most efficiently absorbed.

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Maxim 40% Protein bar Crispy Brownie With Maxim 40% Protein bar you get all the protein you need after your training, but only 1,4 grams of sugar. The bar has a high content of fiber and a great taste! The soft protein mass with brownie taste in combination with the crisps on top, creates an extraordinary delicious taste experience. Maxim 40% Protein bars are developed in co-operation professional sports nutritionists and athletes and contributes to maintain and grow muscle mass.
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Additional Information

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