Energy Gel W/O caffeine IN FRESH CITRUS FLAVOR 3.5 oz. / 100g (3 SERVINGS) NON GMO

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Energy Gel W/O caffeine IN FRESH CITRUS FLAVOR 3.5 oz. / 100g (3 SERVINGS) NON GMO

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Maxim Energy Gel is a highly concentrated carbohydrate gel. The carbohydrates fuel your muscles immediately and will keep you up to speed. During long intensive exercise your blood sugar level can drop beneath normal value. Result: energy fade, concentration problems, decrease in performance. This problem often arises in endurance athletes such as triathletes, runners, cyclists, rowers etc. On exactly these moments Maxim Energy Gel is the ideal energy booster. Maintain your blood sugar up to the mark and save your glycogen stores. Pouch with re-closable cap: Content: 100g gel Servings: 3 servings.

To be swallowed with some mouthful of water or up to 8.5 oz. / 250 ml.
63 g carbs per 100 g (3 servings), 21 g carbs per 33 g (1 serving).


Scientific product rational International Olympic Committee: “…To achieve the relatively high rates of intake (up to 90 g/h) needed to optimize performance in events lasting longer than 3 hours, athletes should practice consuming carbohydrates during training to develop an individual strategy, and should make use of sports foods and drinks containing carbohydrate combinations that will maximize absorption from the gut and minimize GI disturbance. “ Exercise over 1 hour requires 30-60 g. However, exercise over 2,5 h you may utilize 90 g per hour. (Jeukendrup, D.S. Rowlands)
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