BOX OF 25 ENERGY BARS (high-carbohydrate (70%), low fat bars) in 9 Amazing Flavors 2 oz/ 55g NON GMO

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BOX OF 25 ENERGY BARS (high-carbohydrate (70%), low fat bars) in 9 Amazing Flavors 2 oz/ 55g NON GMO

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The Maxim Energy Bar is packed with carbohydrates! These delicious high-carbohydrate (70%), fat-reduced bars contain fruit, cereal, glucose syrup and maltodextrin. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for your muscles during exercise. The combination of fast and slow carbohydrates provides a fast and continuous energy supply. Consume a Maxim Energy Bar 2 to 3 hours before exercise and you're full of go!

Carbohydrates are used immediately as fuel (e.g. during exercise) or are stored as glycogen in the muscles as fuel for later. An increased intake of carbohydrates will enhance your performance considerably.

Maxim sports products will deliver you the right type and right quantity of carbohydrates at the right moment. Maxim Energy Bar for tasty and healthy energy at any time.

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Scientific rational behind the product: International Olympic Committee: In sessions > 1 h, depletion of carb stores causes fatigue. Carb pre-meal / during-meal increase muscle`s energy storage. 1-4 g of carbohydrates per kg body weight = > 1 Maxim energy bar 38 g carbs. Small amounts of protein, fat, salt. Provides both fast &slow energy for your muscles before/during hard workouts Oat flakes and rice flour -> medium and long chained carbohydrates like staches Nuts -> complex carbs/dietary fibers. Slow carb absorption rate Maltodextrine -> medium -chained carbs released slowly in the intestine, but then absorbed fast into the blood. Glucose & glucose syrup -> short carbs quickly released in the intestine and fast absorbed by the blood. Fructose -> short carbs quickly released in the intestine lumen, but then absorbed slightly slower than glucose. Did you know that: One Maxim Energy bar provides you more than double the amount of carbohydrate compared to if you eat a banana or a slice of bread, three times more than an apple! If you eat a bun, you will get same amount of carb, but also 2 times the fat content.
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